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Cooking Classes

with Chef Sawsan at the Sally Webster Inn

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Cooking has always been a passion with Chef Sawsan. “In my younger days, hanging around my mother’s kitchen and watching her cook our favorites was so satisfying.  She really shaped my philosophy of cooking –  simplicity, quality, down to basics, and affordability.”

These are the rules she applies to any dish she prepares. Whether it is a sandwich or an elaborate meal. Using quality ingredients and the right basic techniques will make anyone sail through any recipe without a hitch. Learning the how and why in a cooking technique will minimize your anxiety that most feel in the kitchen. Cooking should not be an arduous task. If approached with simple guidelines, it’s fulfilling and fun.

With the holidays around the corner, Chef Sawsan has a variety of cooking classes for you : making dishes using seasonal vegetables to one-pot hearty stews to baking delicious pies for your next special dinner. Sign up to register in our small class, maximum 8 people.

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Upcoming Cooking Classes

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Cooking Classes: Each 3 hour class is offered on Tuesday evenings from 6pm to 9pm and Wednesday from 11am-1pm, followed by tasting. Class size is limited to 8, so early reservations are encouraged.  Prepayment is required; your credit card is processed at time of booking. Just $65 per person. Bring your prepared dishes back home. Email to register or call  1.978.546.9251

Private Cooking Classes can be scheduled with one week advance notice.  A private class of 1-4 students is $200, with additional students beyond 4 priced at $55 per person. Contact Chef Sawsan to discuss dates and topics. Email to register or call 1.978.546.9251

Guests of Sally Webster Inn
Cooking Classes can be scheduled during your stay, talk to Owner/Chef Sawsan to discuss when and what you would like to learn to cook. Guests receive a Special Discount. Email to register or call 1.978.546.9251

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